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❓What’s Included:

📕Full set of official textbooks + 📕20 years of self-made teaching courseware

📋 Full set Official Requirements and Syllabus: Dive into the official syllabus, with a special focus on mastering the grammar section. Understand what’s expected and get ready to excel.

📖 HSK Official Syllabus Chinese Characters Practice Book with Stroke Order and English Translation: Build a strong foundation by practicing and memorizing all 1500 required characters. Uncover the strokes’ secrets and grasp their meanings with English translations.

📕 HSK Official Syllabus Chinese Vocabulary List with English Translation: Immerse yourself in essential vocabulary. Familiarize yourself with the words and phrases that will empower you to construct simple yet impactful sentences.

📋HSK Official Syllabus Grammar Summary and Examples: This meticulously crafted document offers a clear and concise breakdown of essential grammar structures, specifically tailored for HSK learners. Each grammar point is explained in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for learners to grasp the concepts and apply them in practical scenarios.

📝 Twenty (80) Sets of Mock Exams (audio included): Practice makes perfect! Hone your skills with nine sets of mock exams that mimic the real HSK Official Syllabus test conditions. Audio files are included to enhance your listening comprehension.

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